We now have a selection of bottles available on PureNature including mist spray bottles, perfect for making Spritzers. Give these easy recipes a try…

How to make your own Spritzer

You will need:

100ml Mist Spray Bottle
100ml Distilled water or Hydrosol/Floral Water
1ml (20 drops) of Essential oils
1ml (20 drops) of Polysorbate 20


  1. Mix your Essential oils with the Polysorbate 20.
  2. Add this and the Water or Hydrosol to your bottle, put the cap on and shake well to combine.
  3. To use simply spray around the face and head area. Make sure you close your eyes first and spray from a slight distance.

Here are some essential oil combinations designed especially for Spritzers by Nixie, our Aromatherapist…


Frankincense 6 drops
Orange          6 drops
Bergamot       6 drops
Ginger            2 drops

Brain Power

Lemon           8 drops
Spearmint      6 drops
Rosemary      4 drops
Basil               2 drops

Sleepy time

French Lavender    8 drops
Fragonia                 5 drops
Marjoram                 4 drops
Roman Chamomile  3 drops

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