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With the Easter break rapidly approaching we have enlisted the help of one of our very special customers, Talitha McEwan, to come up with something to keep the kids entertained these holidays. For those who don’t know, Talitha is an inspirational young lady with a passion for water sports, particularly swimming and synchronised swimming. To help fund her sporting endeavours she makes soaps and other handmade products which she sells at the local market.

We were taken by her maturity, dedication, entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic and have offered to help her with her fundraising in exchange for a kids project to share with our customers each school holiday period.
Talitha’s recpie is below and you can learn more about her endeavours on her website:


Talitha’s Egg-celent Easter Bath Bombs 

by Talitha McEwan

Bath bombs are fun to use, and even more fun to make!
For Easter, I thought it will be really cool to make Easter egg bath bombs.
But Bath Bombs are a nice fun treat for your bath not just at Easter.
The fizzing fun of bath bombs is because the two main ingredients react together making fizz.
The Easter Egg Plastic Moulds can be also used to make Easter egg soaps, and to put little chocolates in and hide them in the garden if you have a dog like me – that loves chocolates (my naughty dog Beans eats almost all of the ones the Easter Bunny hides in our garden!).

What do I need?
Moulds – anything will do but for Easter I used plastic Easter Eggs from the two dollar shop….


You can use your hands and form balls if you haven’t got any egg moulds or you can use soap moulds from PureNature.
1 cup Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda)
¾ cup Citric acid
¼ cup Cornstarch (Corn Flour)
A few drops of Liquid Soap Colours from Pure Nature
5-20 drops of Essential oils or Fragrance oils that are suitable for use on skin like soap fragrance oils – Pure Nature has lots to choose from.
For this project I chose the Lavender Essential Oil (it is on special for a great price), Sweet Orange Essential Oil and my favourite best selling fragrance oil – Sea Breeze which will soon be available from PureNature.
Spray bottle – an empty bottle from a cleaning spray will do.

Optional for the Extra Luxury Bath Bombs:
Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil
Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter
or any other skin loving oil and butter you would like to use…
Epsom salts

OK, I got my ingredients ready, what do I do now?

1.Measure out the dry ingredients in a plastic or glass bowl. Do not use metal bowl. Why? Some metals can react with essential or fragrance oils.


2.With a fork or hands break up any clumps and mix well.


3. Drop a few drops of colour and drop your fragrance or essential oils in.


4.Mix really well but do not drop the scent on your skin because it is not diluted.
I use a fork to do this.


5. Spray with water (using the spray bottle), only one spray at the time you don’t want your mix to start fizzing. The mix is ready when you can make a ball and it holds its shape.


6. Start filling your moulds, pressing really hard to make them firm. I filled the bottom half first of the egg, then top, then pressed them together and gave the egg a shake.


7. I then placed the egg bath bomb on an empty egg carton to let them dry and set.


For Luxury Bath Bombs I also add:
2 TB of Melted Coconut oil or 1TB of melted Cocoa Butter Pellets and 1 TB of Coconut oil plus ½ cup of Epsom salts (I whiz them up in blender so they would be like powder).
The oils make the bath bombs harder and they moisture your skin. They are much nicer than just the plain bath bombs – this makes them a great gift!

You can also use things like dried flowers to make your bath bombs look nicer.
I used some dried Lavender flowers on top of my one Lavender egg.
You can mix different colours – I made some egg bath bombs with each half different colour.

8. After couple of hours check your moulds. If the bath bombs are dry and firm enough, un-mould your bath bombs but leave them to dry a bit more overnight.
This is why the empty egg carton is very handy, here I used an egg holder from the fridge.


Once they are dry and firm they are ready to use or wrap them in an airtight container or a cello bag for a gift or later use.

Talitha’s Tips:
– Work Fast! If you don’t the mix can dry out and the bombs will not hold together
– Bath Bombs puffing out and fizzing? oooops you added too much liquid (like water or colour or scent or oils). If it is only a little leave them but if they are puffing up and fizzing too much put the mix back in your bowl and add more baking soda. Then place them back in moulds.
– Store your bath bombs in an airtight box or in a cello bag because NZ is an island and if the air gets too humid your bath bombs can start fizzing. I once left my bath bombs on the bench and it rained that day I came home from school to a fizzy mess.
– Do not ever let undiluted essential oils or fragrance oils touch your skin it can irritate you and you can become allergic to it.
– To make a cute little bath bombs you can make small balls then sprinkle them with hundreds and thousands and place them in mini muffin cups and a nice box. Don’t forget to put a warning on them Please do not eat!
– Or hide a little plastic bug or another toy in a bigger bath bomb and call them ‘Surprise Bath Bombs’.
– Spread the wet mix on a tray lined with a baking paper, press it down so you get a nice about 2 cm thick  flat shape and use some cookie cutters to make ‘Fizzy Bath Biscuits’

Have fun with my Eggcellent Easter Egg Bath Bombs Project and check out this blog for more kid easy holiday fun projects.



PS – My baby sister really wanted to be in a photo too…


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