Kent Pollard ‘Primal Rituals’

One of the great things about PureNature is that we work with so many passionate people doing wonderful things with our ingredients.
It occurred to us that other might also find these stories interesting so we have decide to dedicate a regular post to sharing a brief glimpse into the personalities and businesses that we encounter everyday…

Introducing Kent Pollard, owner of Primal Rituals

In case you haven’t noticed, beards are everywhere these days: musicians, sportsmen, heck even Graham Norton is sporting a beard! To the un-bearded the concept seems simple enough; simply discard your razor and allow the manly face carpet to spring forth. However, as with anything in life, nothing is ever that simple. Beards require care and attention just like the hair on one’s head, this is where Kent and his ‘Primal Rituals’ range of premium beard oils fit in to the picture…

Throughout most of his adult life Kent was never truly cleanly shaven but it wasn’t until relatively recent times that he fully committed to his now impressive beard, “A couple of years back while on holiday i decided to let it grow out and see how I felt about it. When I came home – well what can I say but, it grew on me (pun definitely intended) and to be honest there’s been no looking back!”

However, as mentioned before, his new look didn’t come without consequences:
“It all started with a few whiskers, that terrible itch and beginning to look a little too wild. I did a little research and initially crafted a blend to target those issues for myself. It wasn’t long before I had friends asking me to make some for them and I guess it all just took off from there!”

Two years on and Kent has turned what was once a solution to an annoying itch into a full time job. Primal Rituals beard oils are now available in 20 stores including one stockist in Australia! With support from local celebrities including All Blacks and former Warriors players there will no doubt be many more stockists in the very near future.

So how do you go from blending some oils to stop your face itching to managing a burgeoning Trans-Tasman brand?
Having a quality product with premium ingredients is a good starting point” says Kent “But to be honest, running a successful business requires far more than that. It’s a steep learning curve which demands you step out of your comfort zone a lot and wear many hats. Having the drive, creativity and passion to put in long hours, back yourself and take smart risks are a big part of the equation. As well as having a supportive network of family and friends to help you celebrate the wins and keep you on track when facing setbacks”.

Apparently we may have helped a little too…
“The Team at PureNature have been great, they have been a huge help with fast turnarounds, trouble shooting and just generally taking the time to understand me and my products.”

Well we do try…One thing we are yet to understand though, why the sudden resurgence in beard-wearing? Kent thinks the answer is pretty simple ‘It gives guys a chance to express themselves, something just for us with out all the flashy accessories”

Speaking of flashy accessories:

Kent has also started selling these beard combs which are up-cycled from broken skateboards. With genius ideas like this, it is obvious that Primal Rituals is poised to do big things.

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