Kids Korner Winter Edition


By Talitha McEwan

So it’s winter. It is cold. To keep warm we have the heating on but fires and heat pumps can dry our skin especially the lips. Our lips suffer in winter, they dry out and even crack. To help with this people use lip balms. But do you know what is in the ones you buy? And do you know you can make your own oh so very easy, at home? Without any chemicals? Just the way you like them?

This is my favourite project. And this is the first thing I ever made. I was only 5 years old (see picture below) and wanted to use lip balms but mum wouldn’t let me use the shop ones. I have now been making them for a few years and I love making them. It is fun, easy and quick – perfect for kids.

What do I need?

– Pyrex jug or other microwave safe jug (to make pouring easy)
– Scale
– Stirring spoon
– Lip balm tubes/containers/jars/tins – available from PureNature
– Microwave or double boiler (I use microwave as it is easier for kids) – if you don’t want your children to use microwave or double boiler look under Talitha’s Tips for another method.

– Bees Wax: This makes the lip balm harder. Are you a vegan or don’t like the taste/smell of bees wax? Then use Candelilla Wax it is made from a plant and is tasteless and odourless. Pure Nature has bees wax pellets in both golden colour and white/bleached (great if you want to make coloured balms and don’t want the golden colour). Wax helps to form a protective layer on your lips and holds it all together.
Butter/s – not the ones you buy in the supermarket! You can use any vegetable butter e.g. Cocoa butter, Mango butter or Shea butter.
Carrier OilsJojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut oil
Flavour – PureNature sells lots of yummy organic flavour oils. Or you can simply use some grated chocolate (I like to use the Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana in my Chocoholic’s Lip Balm), Essential oils or simply honey.
Optional: Vitamin E oil, Colour (natural mica powders), Floral waxes.

Very Basic Recipe:
10g of beeswax
20g of oil (I like to use Sweet Almond Oil) or butter
10gs beeswax, 10g of Sweet Almond oil and 10g of Cocoa Butter
You can change things but remember 1 par wax and 2 parts of oil/butters.
Lip balm tubes need more hard butters and wax.

OK, I got my ingredients ready, what do I do now?

1) Measure out your ingredients (lip balms are easier to make in batches as very small amounts are needed).


2) Melt the wax in 30 second bursts using the microwave. Stir in between.

3) Add extras (oils and butters, colour, floral wax). Stir. Sometimes the mixture starts to harden – if this happens simply put in the microwave for up to 30 seconds and stir. Add vitamin E if you are using it.

4) Pour in your jars/tubes – THIS IS THE HARDEST PART. I use a glass chopping board so any spills are easy to clean up once it hardens.

5) Wait for them to set, label and enjoy them!

Sounds too difficult? Pure Nature also have  Lip Balm Kits that come with a  ready made base. You just melt those, add your flavour, pour and you are done! Great idea for gifts or fundraising or just to do something fun this school holidays.

Some of my favourite recipes:

Chocaholic’s Dream:
10g of Beeswax
20g of Sweet Almond Oil
lots of grated Whittaker’s dark chocolate
– Good enough to eat! (make sure you save some chocolate for this purpose too)

Dark Choc and Peppermint Lip Balm
10g of Beeswax
20g of Sweet Almond Oil
1-5 drops of Peppermint Essential oil

Honey and Peppermint Lip Smacker
10g of Beeswax
20g of Sweet Almond Oil
1-5 drops of Peppermint Essential oil
½ teaspoon of liquid honey

Going on a Ski trip this holidays? Use a bigger push up tube so you don’t have to take your gloves off.

Skier’s Lip Balm:
21g Candelilla Wax
14g Olive Oil (or Sweet Almond oil)
28g Jojoba oil
35g Avocado Oil
Flavour if you like

Love your Lips – Conditioning Lip Balm
3g Cocoa butter
27g Shea butter
30 drops of Grapefruit essential oil

Sweet Strawberry
10g Beeswax
10g Cocoa butter
10g Sweet Almond oil
a pinch of natural mica powder for colour
6 drops of Organic Strawberry Flavour oil

Talitha’s Tips:
– Lip balm tubes need more beeswax/candellila wax to keep them firm enough to twist up.
– Home made lip balms are better than the petroleum based lip balms sold in shops.
– For small children, place the beeswax pellets or grated beeswax/candellila wax in in a zip lock bag. Seal. Dip in a bowl filled with hot water, until melted. Open the bag, add your oils/butters, seal the ‘zip’ and dip in warm water again. Cut a small bit off in the corner and squeeze into jars.
– Don’t wash the jug right away, sometimes a small hole forms in the lip balms. Heat the jug up and pour to cover the air hole.

Have fun!

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