So, it’s spring (yay!) and I thought this project will be fun for all – kids and adults. My LEGO soaps are very popular and always sell out (or nearly). They are small, and not expensive (I sell the 8 tip ‘bricks’ 2 for $1) or make different sized gift bags for $5. These are perfect for birthday gift loot bags, they fit perfectly into homemade Christmas crackers or stockings (a great filler that’s useful and a bit different), and are awesome for short going away trips. Because they are easy to make (and cheap), they are a perfect fundraising project for daycares and schools too! Or just small kids like me who would like to sell them at local markets.

What you’ll need:


  • Base: Melt and Pour.
  • PureNature
    has some new very exciting bases (SLS and SLSA free!) besides the clear and
    white, like with Argan oil, Triple Butter (a blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa and
    Mango butters), Carrot Cucumber and Aloe – make sure you check them all out!
  • Colours (for soap NOT food colours or paints!). There
    are lots of options from liquid colours (you’ll only need a drop or two!) to
    natural mica powders (these add great sheen especially in a transparent base).
    I am trying the NEW Neon colours and some oxides in this project too.
  • Scent. I prefer to use pure essential oils like
    Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oil. But Seabreeze, Strawberry and Vanilla
    are a favourite too!
  • Some isopropyl alcohol in a squirt bottle (I use an empty
    hair oil spray bottle). This stuff is magic (and great to clean flat TVs and
    electronics, Mums and Dads).

    2.   Equipment:

  • Microwave and microwaveable jug
  • Soap cutter – you can use the ‘wavy one’, or if you
    don’t have one you can use a stainless steel dough scraper. This one will cut
    through the base easily but you won’t cut yourself. Please do not use a knife
    to cut the soap – it will get slippery and you will hurt yourself!
  • Cling wrap that is OK to use in the microwave *
  • Small spatula (I like to use silicon)
  • Moulds – I just LOVE the new LEGO mould (make sure you
    get a spare one for making ice cubes or chocolates or other fun things)
  • Gift bags/cello bags/small boxes/toilet roll centre
    (for Christmas crackers) or organza gift bags/loot bags.

* You don’t have to use the microwave; you can use the ‘double boiler’ method, but I think for kids the microwave is easy to use and safe if you follow the basic instructions. I have been making soaps by myself since I was 7 years old. You can use the double boiler to melt your soap if you prefer.

Now that you have all your ingredients and equipment ready, just put a smile on and you are ready to go!


1.    Cut your chosen Melt and Pour base
into smaller chunks (similar in size) using a soap cutter/dough scraper (NOT a

2.    Place the chunks into a microwafe-safe jug (you can use a bowl but it makes it so much easier to use a jug – because you will be pouring it from the jug straight into the mould)

3.    Cover with cling film. Why? This stops the soap from evaporating.

4.    Place in the microwave and microwave on high in 30 second bursts. Why? To stop it from burning. Make sure you use your mini spatula between the bursts. Please keep your eyes on this as all microwaves are a bit different. Smaller chunks will melt faster.

5.    Once melted, add your chosen colour, then add scent. Stir. You should follow the instructions with scents – some essential oils are strong (like tea tree) so you only need a few drops. If you are using fragrance oils make sure they are skin safe – only buy your supplies from good companies like PureNature, not from a $2 shop! (these might not be suitable for use on skin). Also remember that some scents might discolour your soap because of their own colour or because they contain vanillin (it tends to turn white soap first gold then brown). The amount of scent is usually 0.5 – 4%.

6.    Pour into your moulds

7.    See those bubbles on top? They are air bubbles. How do you get rid of them? A squirt or two of the Isopropyl alcohol will do the magic trick.

8.    Wait until they set – depending on mould size it won’t take long. Lego are small moulds so they only take a few minutes. Once cold and solid, place them in the freezer for a minute or two (but not longer!) then pop them out easily. Unmoulding – turn the mould over and gently push on the back of the mould.

9.    Wrap your soaps – this will stop them from ‘sweating’. Glycerine soaps are great for your skin but, unfortunately, in our lovely country they tend to ‘sweat’ – the moist sea air draws out the moisture. You can stop this from happening by wrapping them in cling film (to make the seal tighter you can use hair dryer!). Remember that the ‘glycerine’
sweat is normal – it doesn’t make the soap bad, so you can just wipe it off too.

10. Package your soaps.

That’s it!

Want to get more creative?

 You can use the little ‘Lego men’ as embeds.
Just make sure you use clear soap around the Lego man and that you spray the isopropyl
alcohol to make all parts stick together. Don’t pour the soap too hot – you’ll melt the poor Lego man! These also look awesome in large round moulds with glitter around them – Snow Globe Lego Men Soap! For these, I added some soap safe glitter (not craft glitter).

You can also embed real Lego figurines.

 You can cut (using the soap cutter/dough scraper NOT a knife) basic shapes and create a ‘Mine Craft’ inspired soap. To make the black part you will need the black oxide powder. Just use a flat square mould. Then cut into smaller pieces. Place those at the bottom of the mould in the ‘Mine Craft’ pattern. Spray with isopropyl alcohol. Pour the other colour (I used the green) to create MINE CRAFT LEGO SOAP. Leave to set.

 Want to make ‘multicolour’ Lego soap? Don’t fill the mould – pour only a bit, spray with isopropyl alcohol, let it cool the top with another colour. Make sure you spray between the layers of the isopropyl alcohol otherwise it won’t stick together! Also be careful not to pour the soap too hot, otherwise it will melt the bottom layer.

Have fun and enjoy your soaps.

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