Beach-Ready Body Scrub


by guest blogger Talitha McEwen

Do you have rough skin on your elbows or your knees? Or do you want softer skin? My mum always says how soft my baby sister’s skin is. Well, my scrub will make your skin almost as soft and silky. The sugar will gently remove any dead skin and the oils and butters will help make your skin softer.

So what do you need?


100-150g SugarThe smaller the crystals, the gentler the scrub. For a body scrub, it is better to use bigger crystals, but if you want to use it on your face then choose sugar with smaller crystals. I like to use dark brown raw sugar but coconut sugar or other would work well too. Also, sugar is better green option – the microbeads used in some products sold in our supermarkets are bad for our environment because they are plastic. Sugar simply dissolves.

70g Coconut oil

Shea butter

Avocado oil (or Sweet Almond oil/Jojoba oil/Macadamia nut oil/Argan oil)
10-20 drops Fragrance/Essential oils (skin safe for soaps not candles!)
Glass bowl and spoon – for mixing
Airtight jar – to store it in in.

Tip: For special occasions or X-mas gifts you can also add:
Glitter – a sprinkle of the gold/bronze glitter
Vitamin E – a couple of drops
You should definitely use a nicer sugar, like raw coconut sugar, and decorate the jar.


How to make the Beach-Ready Body Scrub

  • Place to coconut oil in the bowl.
  • Add the liquid oils and mix with the spoon until light and fluffy – sort of like when you whip butter with sugar to make icing for a cake.
  • Add your fragrance/essential oils. If using the Vitamin E and glitter, add them now.
  • Add the sugar bit by bit, stirring in well.
  • Spoon the mixture into the jar and you are done!
  • Decorate your jar.

How to use

Simply massage into wet/damp skin when in the bath or shower. Rinse off well and massage any leftover oils into your skin. Use regularly and you will have nice soft skin.


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