Can I ingest your essential oils?


We get a lot of questions regarding whether or not it is safe to ingest our essential oils and carrier oils.

Let’s clear this up: not all products that are ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are necessarily safe to ingest.

The natural constituents present in some plants can be toxic if ingested, or at least cause extremely undesirable reactions.

Arsenic is natural. Belladonna is natural. Cyanide is natural. They’re also deadly.

To be fit for ingestion, a product has to be:
a) free from toxic constituents
b) a food grade product

Food Grade products are produced in an approved food grade facility in accordance with official food safety guidelines and for some products, additional testing to meet certain specifications may also be required. In general, only products listed under our WHOLEFOODS category are food grade and may be ingested.


The only other products suitable for ingestion are vegetable glycerine and the PureNature range of natural flavours and food-grade essential oils. However, Food Grade essential oils are for flavouring purposes only and should not be ingested for therapeutic purposes.

PureNature does not promote the ingestion of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils are highly concentrated, chemically complex products. Whilst they may contain many beneficial compounds, they can also contain many potentially toxic compounds. However

Remember: just because the internet says you can, doesn’t mean you should!

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