Make Your Own Bath Truffles! by Talitha McEwen


Winter is here. It is cold and it is raining – at least here where I live in Papamoa. On cold days between my swimming I used to love going across the road and look in the Lush shop. The smell was always pulling me in and I loved smelling all the new stuff. Everything was also very colourful. My mum would always look at their massage bars but would always put them down saying they were too expensive. She said she would rather pay for another swimming thing for me and loves watching me. So one day I thought I would try and make her one. I tried different ways and added different things. It worked! Mum was so happy. So I thought I would share the bath truffle recipe. The basic recipe can also be used for body massage bars. They do make good gifts, just not in summer as they melt in the heat or in the sun. You can also use the basic recipe and not add anything and use the bar on babies – it will be nicer and gentler than a lotion.

What you need:



PureNature will have all of this in stock. I love how Emmett and his team always have things in stock, deliver fast and are very friendly and answer any of my questions.

Optional Extras:

  • Additives: If you would like to use your product as a massage bar, you can add things like whole coffee beans or adzuki beans or tapioca balls (my mum gave me some as she could never cook them right so she gave up on them). For small bath truffles you can use dried herbs and flowers (like small rose buds or lavender flowers).
  • Colours: If you wish, you can add some colours. Use soap colours that are safe to use on skin. Be careful – if you want to use your products as massage bars, don’t add too much. If you are making a gift, dusting some bath truffles with gold mica powder makes them look great (and expensive!).
  • Glitter/mica powder
  • Packaging – small bath truffles look great in a big jar, or stand up pouch or with some tissue paper in a box.

What to do

1. Melt your butter: Place the Cocoa Butter in a heat proof bowl. Melt in 30 second bursts. Add Shea Butter. Why don’t I add the Shea Butter and heat it with Cocoa? When I did it a couple of times it ended up gritty – not the best. So I now only heat the Cocoa Butter and let the heat from it when it is melted melt the Shea Butter. Or if you are older than me use the double boiler method – it is better for the butters but not safe for small kids or something you would want to try on your own without an adult (I do my stuff myself so microwave it is)


2. Add your oils if using any
3. Wait and let the mixture to cool a bit – you don’t want to burn off the fragrance.
4. Add your fragrance
5. Add your additives if using any – flowers, beans, beads, colours….
6. Pour into moulds


7. Leave and wait until they set – can take up to 24 hours.
8. Unmould
9. Dust with gold mica/mica powders if you like or if making ‘peppermint chocolate bath truffles’ dust with cocoa
10. Package! Or if not packaging, place in a box (like plastic soap box) or zip lock bag/airtight container. If it is hot where you live, place in a fridge or freezer.



My Favourite Recipes

Dreamy Vanilla Bath Truffles


Relaxing Lavender Bath Truffles

Cold and Flu Relief Bath Truffles (very strong but will help clear your stuffy nose)

Peppermint Chocolate Bath Truffles

Relaxing Lavender and Ylang Ylang Massage bar


Warming Massage Bar

Wake up Massage Bar

Kiwi As Massage Bars

  • Manuka
  • 70g Cocoa butter
  • 30g Avocado oil
  • Manuka extract
  • Kumerahou

I am reading up about NZ native herbs and old Maori Remedies because I would like to make some things with local herbs and plants. The Herb Federation of NZ website says “The leaves and flowers of Kumerahou were used as a poultice on or to bathe wounds, sores and rashes. Liquid made from Kumerahou was also used in the bath, not only as a soap substitute, but also for its soothing emollient properties probably due also largely to saponins.” As a soaper I’m super keen to get some and try a new recipe, and I have just seen that Emmett and his team have some in stock! I am off to order some from PureNature and will post a mini recipe during the holidays.


Enjoy and have fun. You will be amazed how simple but great these bars and truffles are.

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