Supercharged with Superfood

Need an energy boost? A bit more brain power? Or is it just time to get some real nutrition into your diet? Go powder power! 

We all know the 5+-a-day rule. Eat five servings of fruit and veg, every day. Simple! Some of us are pretty good at it. And some of us… aren’t.

That’s where a powder comes in handy.

These days, food is all about quick-and-easy. How many of us are able to spend hours choosing, washing, peeling and chopping vegetables for a salad when we had to be at work ten minutes ago?

Juicers and food processors are all the rage right now, and no doubt at least one of your colleagues proudly slurps a greenish concoction in front of their computer…


But juicers and food processors require a LOT of fruit and veg to make a single decent serving. And if you want a good serving, you’ll want good fruit and veg – which isn’t always convenient. Or available. Or cheap!



Technological advances mean that healthy foods can now be processed in a way that retains their full nutritional value. Fresh, high quality ingredients are dried using unique low-temperature drying technology, gently removing moisture from delicate products such as berries. The heat stops once the optimal point of drying is reached, allowing the raw food to retain its natural colour, flavours and nutrition.

Up to 20 times the original nutrients are concentrated and retained in the powder!

Just add a teaspoon of powder to your smoothie, porridge, dessert, baking, beverage, sorbet, yoghurt… the choice is yours!

Organic Acai Powder


Pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”, the acai berry is a small, reddish-purple berry

bursting with powerful antioxidants! Research has shown that acai is even higher in antioxidants than cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry. Acai berries also contain excellent amounts of iron, calcium, fibre and Vitamin A.

Organic Beetroot Powder  


Beetroot is a rich source of betalains, a type of phytonutrient shown to reduce inflammation and support detoxification. Beetroot is one of the best vegetable sources of manganese and magnesium, both of which are necessary for healthy brain and nervous system function.

Organic Blueberry Powder  


Prized for their phytonutrient content, blueberries are rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C! New research shows blueberries are also beneficial not only for improving memory, but can slow down or postpone the onset of other cognitive problems associated with ageing.

Organic Carrot Powder



Carrots have long been known for their high levels of Vitamin A (retinol), which is needed for good vision, a strong immune system, and healthy skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin A and C also assist natural resistance to infection. Carrots are also helpful in protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Organic Kale Powder


Kale is famous for its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients and potential anti-cancer nutrients. Research has shown kale to have 45 different flavonoids, particularly kaempferol and quercertin. Kale is also high in carotenoids, another potent antioxidant. It has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) ratings of any vegetable, making it a potent anti-cancer food.

Where to buy? Right here on PureNature! All powders available in 50g fresh-foil sachets.

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