Power to the Pea: Your Dairy-Free Daily

Protein from peas? How can that be?

Outrageous as it sounds, the pea is fast becoming the most popular thing since – well, the last most popular thing. But this one is here to stay.


Some fast facts:

  • We ALL need protein – whether we’re young, old, healthy, sick, active or sedentary, male or female. 
  • Protein is the building blocks of our skin, hair, DNA, muscles, hormones – pretty much everything that makes up a human. 
  • Major protein sources include meat, dairy, nuts, seafood, soy…

Most of us think protein and think animal. Steak, eggs, milk. Which leaves those who have chosen not to eat furry, living-breathing things with nuts, soy and beans. And not much else.

And anyway, how much protein can a VEGETABLE have?

But then along came the pea.


Yep, those little globs of mush are, in fact, a fantastic protein source. Each cup of peas contains about 10 grams of protein.

Of course, nobody wants to chow down on buckets of peas (at least, your co-workers don’t want you to). Which is why somebody had the brilliant idea of milling dried peas into a powder – a pea protein powder.

Powder Power!

Chances are you’ve already heard of whey protein powder. Derived from milk (remember Little Miss Muffet?) whey has long been popular with body builders.


But – although a great source of protein – whey isn’t for everyone. It’s off-limits for vegetarians and vegans. And here’s the REAL issue: not everybody is able to digest whey protein due to the lactose content. If you notice that you get bloated, gassy and downright uncomfortable after eating dairy products, it’s probably because you lack the digestive enzyme lactase which breaks down milk sugar. This pretty much means whey is NOT for you.


Send in the pea!

Pea protein, derived from yellow peas, is totally dairy-free. Even better, yellow peas are an excellent source of amino acids: the very necessary components of body tissue. Amino acids are needed to make skin, hair and nails, muscles, DNA/RNA, hormones and basically all the enzymes for your body function properly. Amino acids also keep your immune system kicking along.

As an added bonus, pea protein is rich lysine and arginine – both essential for energy and muscle repair!


Trying to lose weight? Here’s what extra protein will do for you:

  • Your body burns more calories maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat.
  • The more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day on its own.
  • Building muscle therefore helps to increase your metabolism!

But aren’t peas gross?

Pea protein powder doesn’t actually taste like peas. In fact, PureNature Pea Protein powders are available in delicious FLAVOURS that are about as far from the taste of peas as you can imagine.

Gourmet Vanilla? Double Chocolate? Yes please!

Best of all, pea protein powder is so darn easy to use. Mix it up into a smoothie with fruit and nuts for a healthy protein smoothie. Add it to your baking. Get creative with desserts. Or even just stir it into water – it’s good all on its own.

Find it here on PureNature! 


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