Romance and Massage: Valentine’s Day

The Universal day of romance is upon us and there’s no better way to demonstrate your appreciation for your valentine than helping him or her relieve stress and tension with a romantic massage using essential oils.

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Massage (when performed correctly!) helps to bring us gently into the moment and is an amazing way to bond with each other. Apart from strengthening the bond, it’s a two-way road where both the giver and the recipient’s stress levels are reduced.  When it comes down to romance and relief, essential oils are godsend. They can help to calm nerves and ease tension which may help to improve communication and the sharing of emotions.

Here are our hot tips to help give the ultimate valentines massage:

Set the Mood

It’s important to cater to all the senses if you are aiming for the massage to be a romantic experience.

Lighting is important, dim the lights and light some candles. If you want to go that extra mile, make your own candles – we have everything you need!

Make your own candles here or purchase a candle kit now!

Once you have the lighting sorted put on some music your partner will enjoy – ideally something that they will find relaxing and ensure the room is a comfortable temperature.

Oil up!


Using the right combination of carrier and essential oils can elevate the massage experience immensely.  Carrier oils provide slip, heightening the experience for the receiver whilst making the masseuses job easier. Essential oils can be added to promote relaxation, stimulate circulation and relieve tension. Essential Oils like Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are often recommended for sensual massage. Whatever blend of oils you choose, use a small amount at the start and make sure you warm it with your hands before applying .  If you are not sure where to start with oils, try our Romance Blend combined with our new Massage Oil Base.

Rules of the Rub

Make sure your partner has all the attention you need during the massage and aim to reduce periods of non-contact as much as possible. Eliminate all distractions, turn off your mobile and if you forget to do so DON’T ANSWER IT. Try not to change the pace of your strokes but instead slowly ease into it. Other things like having towels handy and music down would be helpful.

Ease into it


Take your time and feel the oil working through the body. Timing is always crucial so do not rush into it and or demand “it’s your turn”. Bear in mind this is a relaxation massage not a deep tissue massage, so you do not want to inflict pain or discomfort to your partner during the massage as it can have the exact opposite effect to what you were hoping for. Use gentle strokes and read your partner’s reaction, regularly check in with them to ensure they are enjoying the massage and that they are awake!

This Valentine’s day, try the gift of massage –  a perfect way to ignite some romance!

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